Thursday, 28 May 2009

A Leap of Faith

The Lifetime Leap - An evolution of the Lifetime HF brand to widen its appeal

For the past year, Idealogy has worked alongside Lifetime HF, one of the UK’s fasting growing training consultancies for the leisure industry. Founded in Bristol in 1995 by Heather Frankham, Lifetime HF specialises in working with national and multi-national leisure organisations. Their values focus on excellence, professionalism and commitment and these values permeate a holistic approach that progresses all the way through to the achievement of desired standards and results at a company and individual level.

Much of the training that Lifetime provides is work-based-learning and, as such, takes place within workplaces throughout the UK. Lifetime delivers Apprenticeships, Work Based Learning NVQs, in-house training and open courses including distance-learning courses across the fitness and leisure sector.

The Lifetime brand already has an enduring appeal for its existing customers. Therefore, Idealogy’s aim was not to instigate revolutionary change, but to ensure that the brand appeal was extendable into new markets and sectors, without stretching it beyond its core competencies. The new brand identity and hierarchy was designed to reflect this.

James Surridge, Director for Demand Strategy at Idealogy commented, “The founding principle was about supporting fitness businesses to perform better – providing consultancy and training to deliver outstanding fitness programmes. It was also about simplicity – finding the things that really made a difference and acting on these as well as presenting training information in a way that was easy for students despite the complexity of the subject. The Lifetime name was originally chosen because it meant more than just fitness – it encapsulated lifestyle and wellness and had the health agenda of longevity linked in.”

The overall proposition also changed from ‘delivering outstanding training’ to ‘delivering the most work ready people for your business’. This works not only to differentiate the brand in the marketplace, but appeals beyond the fitness arena and into active leisure and beyond.

In the refreshed visual identity, ‘The Lifetime Leap’ replicates the first movement of the original Lifetime brand. It represents a dynamic step onto a springboard and then makes a confident leap forward, connecting more positively with the Lifetime word mark. ‘The Lifetime Leap’ not only depicts a journey that embraces change, but also achievement. This aspect is more literally brought to life in applications such as websites, collateral and exhibitions.

Within the new hierarchy, the creation of an Awarding Body presented a new opportunity for Lifetime to enhance its credibility. Whilst the connection with the existing brand was maintained, there is a distinct difference in the offering and business structure and this was reflected in a new ‘Lifetime Awarding’ Brand Identity

Idealogy are now implementing both internal and external programmes to relaunch the Lifetime brand, working alongside Lynda Brown, Lifetime’s new Head of Marketing We would welcome your comments on the developments Idealogy has made to the Lifetime Corporate Identity and Awarding body. Please use the slide show to view the completed visual presentation.

Posted by Anna Ecuyer