Thursday, 26 May 2011

Idealogy’s (wo)Man on the Ground (floor)

I love our office in Southampton. I love it so much I had to move in to a flat over the road just so I can see the office when I’m not at work!

It’s a lovely old building, slap bang in the middle of town, with access to all the coffee, doughnuts and posh sandwiches any growing business could ask for. The building has all the meeting rooms we need, our boardroom (nicknamed the squash court) and even our photography studio on floor three, so there’s always plenty going on.

Monday, 23 May 2011

Will the real Algerian Racing Snake please stand up? Oh! You are standing up!

The Urban Dictionary provides it’s own interpretation of ‘racing snake’ – “Someone built for speed. i.e. someone lean, an immensely fast runner”.

In part, that does a fairly solid job of describing our own North African Ectothermic Amniotes Vertebrate, but it’s only a small part of David Birch’s story – itself, a complex mix of survival, tough human spirit, fierce individuality, love of music and movies, but most importantly from Idealogy’s point of view, a passion for contemporary design as a compelling vehicle for successful communication.

Dave shudders at the ‘pink puff’ that seems to attach itself to design - railing at how easily the business falls into media generated traps – he recently cited “design is the froth on top of the cappuccino of commercialism” as an example of how our industry does itself a constant disservice by creating ‘café society’ symbolism to try to ‘up the ante’. But he also accepts that we live in cynical times – he believes clients still don’t really understand the value of good design – unless, of course, their market offer is truly design based.

Thursday, 19 May 2011

The Walk the Walk London Moonwalk 2011 - one night, one very good cause and a great sense of achievement

After a pasta picnic for 14,000, some very funny warm ups and a minutes silence all hand in hand, we set off on our 26.2 mile walk through London. Here we were again having first completed it back in 2008, it couldn’t be that tough… could it?

We left the Moonwalk tent at 23.40 and set our pace. There was a real party atmosphere, lots of chatter and nervous laughter and the first few miles went by in a flash. In no time we had passed Buckingham Palace, gone on up through Hyde Park Corner and St James Park and were heading for the Victoria Embankment.

Monday, 9 May 2011

I HATE acronyms!

Ok! It’s a fact.

I have a deep, deep, dark hatred for acronyms that is only superseded by my deep, dark hatred of prunes! Irrational maybe, but it’s a hatred based on two simple and very clear factors. The first is that, in whatever industry, and mine is no exception, acronyms are linguistic laziness. They obviate the need to write a definition in full, and, quite often, render a written piece incomprehensible, sacrificed on the altar of efficiency! CRAP (which stands for Content Reduction After Pontificating) I say!

The second is the delusional, and some would argue, perverse view that it makes the writer smarter or better informed than the audience. But what’s the point of that? Why wouldn’t you want someone to understand, first time, what you’re saying? In my experience, acronyms in articles, blogs, journals or technical communications are invariably accompanied by the expression meaning in full. So why not write the meaning in full in the first place? FUBAR….

Thursday, 5 May 2011

The Royal Wedding - what did you do???

So, how did you all enjoy the Royal Wedding last Friday?
Check out the pics below for a little taste of what Idealogy got up to on the day.

Steve Barnes: Stag do in Amsterdam

Simon Johnson: The Bulldog Johnsons on the day