Monday, 21 May 2012

Idealogy on the move...

We've done it! Well we couldn't go around much longer, preaching to our clients about having smartphone-optimised websites if we hadn't actually got around to having our own now could we!?

Monday, 14 May 2012

Sq. Ldr Spitfire Sprinks – Winging Bandwidth Battles All Over The Digital Skies

As I write this story about Richard Sprinks, I’m reminded of a recorded conversation I read recently, between an air-traffic controller and a light aircraft -

Unknown Aircraft: "Hello?.."
Easterwood Tower: "Please say again."
UA: "What?"
ET: "Who is this?"
UA: "This is Joe"
ET: "This is Easterwood Tower, where are you?"
UA: "I'm in the plane!"
ET: "Joe, where is the pilot?"
UA: "He got out when the engine quit.."
ET: "Joe, what does your airspeed indicator read?"
UA: (Long pause) "Zero?"
ET: "Joe, whatever you have in front of you - a stick or a steering wheel - push it forward - you need to get airspeed over your wings!"
UA: "Are you sure?"
ET: "Yes Joe you need to push it forward... (pause)... What does your airspeed indicator read now?"
UA: "It's still zero."
ET: "Joe, where is your plane?"
UA: "We are parked down at the end of the runway, the pilot got out when the engine quit and walked back to the hanger.."
ET: "Joe, get off the radio."  

Monday, 7 May 2012

British Design 1948-2012: Innovation in the Modern Age or just a trip down memory lane?

The latest design exhibition at the V&A showcases the very best of British design and creativity from the last 60 years. Much innovation has occurred in the years between London’s 1948 ‘Austerity Olympics’ and the games to be held in London this summer, and that was keenly reflected in more than 350 items on display.