Monday, 16 December 2013

Is Winter the hardest season to get off the ground?

It’s 11th December 2013. As I write this, which, if we’re splitting hairs, is technically still the end of Autumn, I can foresee nothing but pain ahead for Christmas and New Year travellers trying their very best to get away from the UK over the coming weeks.

Here’s the thing. Just today, my regular mode of commuter travel, a ferry from the Isle of Wight, was severely delayed by a collection of liquid water droplets or ice crystals suspended in the air at or near the Earth's surface. Yep, you guessed it – fog!

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Christmas Wonder Windows

Not in the Christmas spirit yet? Head to London’s Oxford Street and you soon will be.
Last weekend I went to London to start my Christmas shopping. Madness you may think but in no time I was swept along (literally) and landed up in the sparkling, perfumed, fairy lit wonderland that is Oxford Street at Christmas.

After a short walk from the tube I found myself staring a little bewitched into the windows of John Lewis.
For 2013 they have created displays to reflect their animal themed Christmas “winter wonderland” TV ad. Over 7,000 products were taken and reconfigured into a series of animals. A huge brown bear created from leather furniture, hampers and baskets. A turkey made from flannels and towels and a series of penguins make from Kenwood kMix kettles to name just a few.
Apparently the entire process took a year and with that in mind, John Lewis is already working on next year’s creation!

Spectacular over-sized gifts surrounded by snowy festive landscapes greeted me at Selfridges. A giant glittery cat slipper, a gold YSL clutch bag, a huge trainer, headphones, play-doh, perfume and champagne. You name it, they had created it and surrounded it with abseiling Santas, skiing penguins and fir trees.

So go on… press your nose against the windows and bring back your child like sense of wonder! And have a very Happy Christmas shopping experience this year.

John Lewis’ animals were designed by creative consultancy Chameleon Visual and brought to life by Setsquare Staging. 

And here:-

To see the making of the Tate & Lyle ‘Lost London’ gingerbread wonderland click here:

All images found on Google. No offense or copyright infringement intended. Images can be removed if requested by originator.

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

The Gettysburg Address – some speeches are more equal than others!

Occasionally, just occasionally, a moment in history transcends the context of the moment it existed in. 150 years ago today, Abraham Lincoln delivered one of the most important, and most referenced, speeches in history. It wasn’t a long speech. It wasn’t a well-written piece of oratory. But it captured the spirit of the birth of a united nation.

Monday, 11 November 2013

Remember remember the moustache of Movember!

Chevron, Dali, Fu Manchu, Handlebar, English, Imperial, Horseshoe, Mexican,
Pencil, Toothbrush, Walrus!

It's OK you are reading this correctly, and no, we haven't lost the plot.

Thursday, 7 November 2013

0-60 in 1,893,456,000 seconds

That’s not fast is it and it’s not going to set the Guinness Book of Records into a land speed record tailspin?

So why does it feel that, the very moment you turn 59, those seconds just seem to fly by, accelerating towards a milestone that, in all honesty, most people simply refuse to talk about

Thursday, 31 October 2013

‘The Subject Line’ – the new ‘dark art’ of email marketing!

Small enough to trick you into thinking they’re not important. Important enough to bring you face-to-face with your own limitations!

Subject lines have become the ‘next big thing’, the new marketing KPI that you have no control over. A world full of powerful and challenging statistics – for example 73% will click on report spam/junk based on the content of the ‘from’ field. OR 69% decide whether to junk email based on the subject line.

Monday, 28 October 2013

The First Film That You Ever Saw...

Paul. W
I remembered, and the winner was Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs at the old Gaumont.

Charlotte. B
The Lord of the Rings (animated version) in 1978
I was 4 years old and went with my family while on holiday in Taiwan in Wales.
The cinema was very hot and I remember my mum went to sleep and missed most of the film!

Shelley. C 
Basil the Great Mouse Detective at Salisbury cinema with my Mum, Dad and Sister when I was 7. I don't remember much apart from a rat called Ratigan and my Dad falling asleep and snoring.

Anna. E
ET with my Mum and my little sister at the Orpheus in Henleaze, Bristol.
At Christmas the same year, our Granny took us to see The Snowman which only fuelled our obsession with finding a 'flying friend'. The result - I tried a stunt... it went wrong... and I fell out of the loft in our garage landing on my face and chipping my teeth!!
Happy days!

Simon. D
101 Damations 1961 - so there!

Simon. W
I think it may have been Bed Knobs and Broom Sticks with my older sister...
seem to remember suits of armour being shot by German soldiers then they emptied bullets out of their boots...

Richard. S
Superman 1978, I went with my two cousins and my three sisters, it was an amazing experience, we were all so excited, but well behaved of course!

James. S
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. The Child Catcher has scarred me for life!

Darryl. A
Watership Down, all I can really remember is being disturbed by the big bruiser bully of a rabbit named Woundwart - what a b•••••d he was!!

Dave. B
The first movie I 'remember' seeing was Disney's Jungle Book for my birthday. Think my mum thought I looked like Mowgli... b•••h!

Paul. S
Star Wars with my Dad - I remember thinking that the first time you see Vader when he emerges from the smoke of the destroyed door in the opening scene was amazing.

Simon. J
Sadly I think it was Star Wars, only one I can remember, obviously scarred me for life.

Steve. B
The Empire Strikes Back at the Southampton Odeon. A 1 hour queue round the block with a disinterested dad before 2 and a half hours of joy (for me, again not disinterested dad). On a side note he always insisted he took me to see Star Wars before that. He did not.

Chris. R
I think it was Fox and the Hound. I went with my mum and sister.
We bought a 12" soundtrack picture disc in Woolworths afterwards.
I still have the record somewhere.

I have vague memories of going to see The Little Mermaid with my Grandma and it would have been the cinema in Ocean Village - before it was Cineworld - in approx 1989! All I can remember is my Grandad falling asleep and snoring through it but I'm sure I enjoyed the film!

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Daz's week in pictures

Ever wondered what do the Idealogy team get up to on a daily basis? Well here's 'the evidence' and a sneaky peek at the weekend too. Nothing too incriminating (yet!)

Monday - Winter log stacking. Toasty
Tuesday - Back to the diving board for my future little Olympian
Wednesday - 1st time this year for ‘lights on’ for the ride home :(
Thursday - Long creative ‘headbang’
Friday - Sausage Friday! An Idealogy tradition
Saturday - Breakfast with King Julien - obviously!
Sunday - BMX coaching with Olympian Shanaze Reade. Brilliant!

Monday, 21 October 2013

Vintage Views - 3D or not 3D, that is the question…

One of the most successful blogs from 2012, published in 2011, and still relevant in 2013.

3D or not 3D, that is the question…

Monday, 14 October 2013

Simon Warren - My Top 3 Websites

The web space we're invading!
Just some sites that Idealogy people are visiting that tick their boxes...

Simon Warren
My daily surf check from my desk desktop - with limited time and a growing number of 'other commitments' Magic Seaweed enables me to score the best conditions at my favourite breaks and keep up with what's going down
A regular source of reference and inspiration when time is tight and my creative juices need a little stir... especially find the select by colour function super-dooper useful
Love the site, love the product, love the vibe and most of all love the way my 3 year old daughter is down with it too - despite the lack of Pantone 230

Monday, 30 September 2013

Dave's week in pictures

Ever wondered what do the Idealogy team get up to on a daily basis? Well here's 'the evidence' and a sneaky peek at the weekend too. Nothing too incriminating (yet!)

Monday - Snapping Neil on my way into work. Morning!
Tuesday - My film blog reaches 4000 hits. Whoop! - check out
Wednesday - A much needed beer after a long day in the studio. Aahh!
Thursday - Defining an icon. So how do you define a icon?
Friday - A long drive to Leeds. Are we there yet?
Saturday - Off to Betty's in Harrogate. Cream tea? Don't mind if I do
Sunday - Money grows on trees at Aira Force in the Lake District. Is that a pound coin?

Thursday, 26 September 2013

The Idealogy Social Media Group

A long time ago in a company far, far away… ah, enough of that!

It was late in 2008 when I started thinking about how Idealogy could start ‘practicing what we preach’ in the field of social media. How could we kick-start our ECRM programme, engage on the growing number of social platforms and garner some interest from within the company? Not an easy task back then.

My first thought was “I’m not doing this one alone!”

Change is good! (Or a word to the unconverted…)

It’s a bad habit but, sometimes, the only way to make a big point on a big issue is through a big quotation.

So here are a few…

“Instead of making a lot of excuses, make a little progress. Instead of looking back with regret, step forward with conviction”

“You know you’re on the right track when you’re uninterested in looking back”

“Sometimes you just outgrow certain situations. Don't try to fix or repair it, just accept it and move on”

My personal favourite is “If you do not create change, change will create you.”


Monday, 23 September 2013

Productivity App of the Month - September: IFTTT (If This Then That)

Put simply, this month’s app builds relationships. Not between people, but between other Apps. IFTTT uses a simple statement – “if this then that” - to link the various functions your smartphone can offer you.

Thursday, 19 September 2013

IOS 7.0 – the early adopters.

6pm was a busy time last night - Apple unleashed iOS 7 for it’s iPhone and iPad operating system. So were you one of the ‘early adopters? A few of the Idealogy team were. Brave or foolhardy, here are their comments…

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Going, going, go Rhino!

This summer we were invaded. Not by holiday makers on their way to a variety of regattas and festivals on the Isle of Wight, and not by happy campers heading for the New Forest. But by Rhinos, lots of them! We found them brightening up a whole variety of locations around the city. 

Monday, 16 September 2013

Why ROI and ROE should be treated equally

Successful campaigns often address both short and long term goals…

A recent article on Marketing Week has suggested that many brands fail to budget for long-term innovation and relationship building. It’s the tired battle between return on investment (ROI) and return on engagement (ROE) that looks a little like this:

ROI: “ You can’t prove engagement. ROI provides a clear bottom line for marketers to
justify campaigns by.”

ROE: “You can’t have sales without engagement. Short-term campaigns are too narrow-minded, everything should have a long-term focus.” 

Thursday, 12 September 2013

The Garden Guru

August has been a busy month in the garden - with most of the beans, courgettes and tomatoes needing constant picking, with enough overflow to also feed half the office.

Now with Autumn here, so are the spiders webs. This morning they were highlighted by the morning mist. This one is hanging in what's left of the plum tree.

Trying to "Be more dog", inspired by the O2 commercial (see & also play the game), I dug out the potatoes by hand, to make sure I don't damage any, they should see us through until Christmas.

Harvey 'the killer', is happily ignoring the above advice. We got him back in May from a rescue centre and he's proving to be an accomplished hunter. The current count: birds (13), voles (5) mice (3), rat (1) and moles (3). So, sadly, we’ve had no choice but to stop feeding the birds, which is a great shame. However we seem to have a few other visitors enjoying the garden spoils. The drunken wasps are busy eating all the pears in the garden leaving just a few fallers for one brave blackbird!

I'm also currently working on the out-building roof, which needed some running repairs, well, more of a rebuild after trees and the old wisteria had damaged one end.

Finally, a couple of surprising finds. Firstly the pumpkins, already turning orange and an interestingly shaped carrot… cough cough! That’s what’s so great about gardening – you never know what you might find.

The Garden Guru

All images found on Google. No offense or copyright infringement intended. Images can be removed if requested by originator.

Monday, 9 September 2013

12 things I’d change in the Lord of the Rings films

Every 4 to 6 weeks, members of the social media group write a blog. Sometimes it's easy to find a topic, other times not so much. This time round, I found myself struggling for a relevant topic with a looming deadline. A blog topic loosely tied into our business, or about a new venture or an interesting piece of business, and all written with some hidden depth. In the end I thought, ‘no, I’ll write about Lord of the Rings instead!’ (I've not had much off-topic stuff in my 4 years of writing so I’m giving myself licence this time to allow some project creep)

Thursday, 5 September 2013

So was it all just a Flash in the pan?...

Idealogy has used Adobe's Flash for almost as long as it has existed…since it was a Macromedia product, not Adobe's! We've used it because for a long time it was the only way to deliver a richer experience in the browser. 

But no, we never advocated the 'click to skip animation' rubbish that was around in the late 90s, early 2000s.

Monday, 2 September 2013

Does your brand have a regeneration plan?

Are brands prepared for a change in leadership?

Unless you’ve been in a cave for the past month, you’ll have heard; Peter Capaldi has landed many actors’ dream job as the lead in Doctor Who. The regeneration game is soon to begin, which prompts the question: why aren’t more brands playing along?

Friday, 30 August 2013

Productivity App of the Month - August: Morning

We’re the generation of texters, tweeters and “phubbers”. For many, a cursory glance at their tablet or Smartphone has replaced the morning coffee, and this month’s app holds the mirror up to our cultural technophilia.

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Online metrics: avoiding a false economy

If you’re using online stats to justify a campaign, you’re missing the point.

We’ve recently come across this particularly striking picture campaign for Unicef. Simple in design, it delivers an incredibly poignant message to brands and creative agencies alike: Likes and follows are not a currency.

Monday, 26 August 2013

'X-Men: Days Of Future Past' launches viral marketing campaign

As social media channels continue to grow their ability to inform our lives, film studios are relying heavily on 'see and share' content designed for moviegoers. This social networking trend has taken a step further this year with new campaigns for X-Men: Days Of Future Past and Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes.

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Steve Barnes' week in pictures

Ever wondered what do the Idealogy team get up to on a daily basis? Well here's 'the evidence' and a sneaky peek at the weekend too. Nothing too incriminating (yet!)

– The start of the heatwave… iced water all round!
Tuesday – Lunchtime arrival of the Southampton Rhinos
Wednesday – It’s all in the planning!
Thursday – An evening float to cool down at sun down
Friday – Friday night Party Rhino
Saturday – My weekend Basecamp
Sunday – After a snap and a thud, maybe I’m too old for rope swings??

Monday, 19 August 2013

Splines, Nurbs and Bézier curves?

Learning any new piece of software can be a daunting task. As a designer who has spent the best part of 20 years using Adobe’s Creative Suite, you find yourself using an ever-familiar layout of tools and menu items. Like muscle memory, these become second nature. Paths. Crop. Select. As designers, we all get to grips with these ever-familiar terms. So when I took on training for Cinema 4D, it came as some surprise to be faced with a whole new array of technical terms. Booleans. Splines. Nurbs. Hypernurbs. Bézier Curves. Bézier Nurbs. Bézier Splines even. These may sound like the kind of jargon you would expect to hear in a science fiction movie (“Activate the Hypernurb!”), but they are actually some the core elements to creating material in Cinema 4D. Bézier Splines, for example, is a method for creating soft, spatial curves. Hypernurbs, allow you to take geometric shapes and sculpt them into smooth, rounded objects. But why these strange names? Where did they come from?

Friday, 16 August 2013

Cowes Week 2013 - Sunshine, smiling faces and many Mojitos… but no sailing!

We love our annual Cowes Week ‘outing’. It’s the perfect opportunity to down tools for a few hours, jump on the RedJet and cross the Solent to relax, chat and absorb all that the final day of Cowes Week has to offer. Admittedly in our case that is mostly in the form of beer and cocktails – but hey that’s what it’s all about by that stage in the Regatta isn’t it?

1. Has anyone warned them we’re coming?

2. What you looking at!

3. Is that a burger?

4. Fish ‘n Chip snack

5. The consultancy team – relaxing

6. Family fun

7. Ted the amazing Pimms drinking dog

8. Many Mojitos

9. Group hug

10. Lovely ladies

11. Limbo Lily

12. Dangerous Dave

13. Mine’s a cup of Tea… just joking

14. I need a P please Bob

15. The Coconut Cocktail Queen

16. The happy couple… and friend

17. This is our best side

18. Red Arrow madness

19. The Idealogy team on tour

20. Old friends in the party spirit

21. Fantastic fireworks

22. Sing along… we did!

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Simple launches Global websites – yes that’s plural!

I’ve been involved in many global web launches over the years, but none quite as ‘all consuming’ as the launch of Simple for Unilever. The project that started in July 2012, finally launching in July 2013, with the rollout the US site. This site being the last of the initial six (UK, US, AUS, NZ, CA x2) with lots more sites planned globally.

Monday, 12 August 2013

900 million seconds in the studio

I started working at Idealogy almost 14 years ago and in that time I'd always worked in 'the studio', which is the largest floor in the building and situated the basement. That's over 25000 hours of creating, designing, artworking, building and programming. Over 25000 hours of deadlines, budgets, admin, telephone calls and emails. Over 25000 hours of frustration, delight, inspiration and satisfaction. Not forgetting Over 25000 hours of crying with laughter and losing my marbles.

Thursday, 8 August 2013

A bad day at Social Media’s Black Rock.

From the Facebook-ing (and, now, strangely silent) Spanish Train Driver, to Twitter declining to stand up against social bullying, to the Wikileaks soldier likely to spend the rest of his days behind bars, it’s been a bad July for our burgeoning social media channels. The reputation management teams must be working overtime!

Monday, 5 August 2013

The Resistance Zoo

The moment a business or an organisation thinks about change, it’s surprising how many (metaphorical) animals you can spot as the process gets underway. Thinking in animal terms is an entertaining and useful guide to the make up of the group tasked with embracing and implementing any form of change program.

Thursday, 1 August 2013

With so many apps to choose from are there any that deserve a permanent place on your home screen?

To date there are over 900,000 (apple) apps and more are being created by the minute; but are there any gems amongst them that can become a part of your ‘creative workflow’? More importantly do they assist you in your day to day job, helping you to deliver better ideas and idealogies?

I’ve always tried to stay aware of different ways to help feed the creative process and stimulate the creative juices. Here are a few of my personal favorites that have made it into my own creative work flow.

Monday, 29 July 2013

It's all in the name...

When I was growing up, if I ever wanted to buy branded clothes to try and fit in with the other kids at school (and let’s face it, a flamboyant, lanky, goofy kid with big wavy hair isn’t the easiest thing to try and make blend in) my mum would tell me that I was only paying for the name. It seems like Coca-Cola have taken the words of my mother - and many other mums out there – and decided to make money out of it in their latest advertising campaign.

Thursday, 25 July 2013

15 years isn’t such a long time…is it?

I began my career with Idealogy (then Selling Ideas) in 1993 as a ‘fresh-faced’ graphic design graduate.  After much ear bending for Simon D, I was given the invaluable opportunity to start my career in the design industry and to be involved in all aspects of a leading creative services organisation. After 5 very happy years I had a change of direction (if you can call it that!) and became a mum, accompanied by more ear bending for Mr D. However, by this time, I had my foot firmly on the creative career ladder and went on to expand my experience and knowledge in the creative sector.

Recently, I’ve returned to Idealogy - 15 years on, and maybe 15 years wiser. So, after all that time, what’s changed?

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Boy oh boy!

My in box was full of ‘Royal Baby’ related emails this morning. Great offers of Mum and Baby skincare products, champagne to celebrate the Royal birth and mail after mail discussing how the birth of the newest Royal will boost our economy.

Monday, 22 July 2013

Six weeks to six months.

I arrived at Idealogy in the midst of winter for a six week contract, and I left six months later at the height of what the British laughingly call summer. I came with little knowledge of how a website was built and left knowing that within a CMS simply because B followed A on a Monday morning there was no reason to believe that it would do so on a Tuesday afternoon.

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Save the trees! And my scrolling finger…

So, I’d been wanting to adjust the company email signatures for a while, it just never made it high enough up my ‘to do’ list - then it did and in 10 steps we saved paper, time and made a better experience for anyone reading our emails… (I guess that also depends on the content and which one of us sent it though!).

Monday, 15 July 2013

Never fear, there’s a First-Aider near!...

When it was decreed that in order for us to keep on top of our Health and Safety responsibilities, our first-aiders needed an informational "top-up" no one jumped for joy! Nonetheless, in March, Anna, Dan and Simon J were sent back to college to become students for a day.

Friday, 12 July 2013

Productivity App of the Month - July: CardMunch

Business cards are in a state of flux. Outdated though a pocket full of cards may be, no current tech has overtaken the business card in terms of simplicity and accessibility. This is where LinkedIn’s CardMunch App has started to show signs of progress.

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Simon Warren's week in pictures

Ever wondered what do the Idealogy team get up to on a daily basis? Well here's 'the evidence' and a sneaky peek at the weekend too. Nothing too incriminating (yet!)

Post weekend ropey tummy called for a Coke mid-morning – became a little freaked when I discovered I had unknowingly selected this bottle off the shelf

Skull Candy’s on, markers out and a full day of scamps and doodles for De’Longhi Group

Down to KENWOOD HQ to pick up a a juicy new brief

Running through Dave’s Draecon packaging concepts with client

Starting to pack up the family home after 44 years takes me down memory lane including re-discovering my massive stash of surf mags from the 80s (Tiki ad from Surf Scene 1982 – fluros the first time round!)

Tool belt on and ready to help my brother-in-law and master craftsman build a bespoke Wendy house for his Granddaughter

Last walk around the farm before it goes next week and happy to see my favorite digger still in the yard

All images found on Google. No offense or copyright infringement intended. Images can be removed if requested by originator.

Monday, 8 July 2013

Doing it doggy style

As part of our BrandPrint process we often ask clients to align themselves with other brands. It’s a great way to establish their brand personality and where their ‘territory’ lies. 

It’s not always an easy task and it certainly prompts much discussion and healthy debate!

So to further our understanding; on some level anyway, what it is we are asking them to do, we turned the tables on ourselves.

If you were a dog, what breed would you be?

We looked at all of the Idealogy team in turn and made our carefully considered selection. Then we ducked and ran!!

Can you guess who’s who?

Thursday, 4 July 2013

NFC – Friend or foe of the High Street

Since the launch in 2005 NFC technology has increasingly become a mainstream technology, which can be used for a variety of things.

One of the more interesting capabilities that this technology could deliver is the option of eliminating the need for our wallet. 

Monday, 1 July 2013

Using a VMM to compliment the QR boom

Throughout 2012 the use of QR codes soared. A year on, we ask if the boom had any lasting legacies…

Let’s start with the obvious – QR codes aren’t sexy. They’re the dodgy tattoos of the creative industries, offering little more than hype and “newness” to products and posters. They aren’t easy on the eye and they’re a nightmare to work with. So why did they become so popular so quickly? And how can QR codes be used well?

Friday, 28 June 2013

Productivity App of the Month - June: XMind

Sometimes, creative jobs can drum up more questions than they answer. As a result, the creative mindset can be a tangled web of images, phrases and ideas, making it difficult to navigate.

You’ve guessed it - this month’s App is a piece of mind-mapping software.

Thursday, 27 June 2013

The Whitney Museum Logo: A Lesson in Simplicity

The Museum’s rebrand demonstrates why minimalism is something to be respected.. 

If you follow the Wired feed, you’ll have already seen the storm raging around the recently released logo for the Whitney Museum. The museum’s simple logo has not only divided opinion among creatives, but also the wider public. We think it’s something to be admired.

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Rich's week in pictures

Ever wondered what do the Idealogy team get up to on a daily basis? Well here's 'the evidence' and a sneaky peek at the weekend too. Nothing too incriminating (yet!)

Monday, 17 June 2013

Simple Simon Says…

As an ex-Idealogy client from the action sports sector who kicked off his slaps, aired the fence and landed agency side, adapting to a new environment has been an interesting process – and one that has required a little cultural re-adjustment.

Monday, 10 June 2013

Should brands forget “customer service” as we know it?

Has “the right to reply” left symmetrical brand communication in need of a re-think?

Since the inception of communication 2.0 an increasing emphasis has been placed on giving brands and customers a symmetrical relationship, in which each party has the right to reply to the other. In PR theory, this is considered the gold standard, but is this really the case in practice? And has this shift started to produce negative side-effects?

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Google Glass: Has The Future Gone Hands Free?

With the first user reviews of Google Glass hitting the Internet, we’ve felt the need to offer a few words of our own…

Having titillated the rumour mills throughout 2012, it hasn’t taken the Google experts too long to breathe life into their worst kept secret. The Glass project is soon to hit the market.

Monday, 3 June 2013

Dan Ferrett - My Top 3 Websites

The web space we're invading!
Just some sites that Idealogy people are visiting that tick their boxes.

Dan Ferrett - Office Manager
I use this every single day. Great for keeping up to date with what's going on with my friends at home and abroad and also for keeping 'in' with my favourite brands.
Great for keeping up-to-date with all the celeb goss and going-ons in the world...trashy but true!
It's like one great big treasure hunt! Lots of fun and a great way to kill a few hours over the weekend. I'm always on the lookout for caches wherever I am...even when I'm abroad!

Posted by Dan Ferrett

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Liz Hellyer - My Top 3 Websites

The web space we're invading!
Just some sites that Idealogy people are visiting that tick their boxes.

Liz Hellyer - Planning Manager
I like to keep on top of all my finances, daily, with a few clicks.
We are a bit partial to Greek villa holidays, so we're aiming to work our way around their portfolio (we started a few years ago).
We are rather impulsive and like to get away on our motorbike at very short notice, this has provided us with essential accommodation for weary 'bikers' at excellent prices.

Posted by Liz Hellyer

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Into this world we’re thrown…

The most violent storm businesses of any size can experience is change.

Change re-writes the familiar processes people use as a safety blanket – the very act of ripping them up and starting again is as distressing for individuals as it is for the course of the organisation.

Monday, 20 May 2013

Dan's week in pictures

Ever wondered what do the Idealogy team get up to on a daily basis? Well here's 'the evidence' and a sneaky peek at the weekend too. Nothing too incriminating (yet!)

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Productivity App of The Month - May: Business Calendar

Business Calendar

It’s interesting that putting “of the month” after something suggests that pioneering technological advances are afoot. This month, they’re not. Not even close…

Monday, 13 May 2013

Liz's week in pictures

Ever wondered what do the Idealogy team get up to on a daily basis? Well here's 'the evidence' and a sneaky peek at the weekend too. Nothing too incriminating (yet!)

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Chris Ruffles - My Top 3 Websites

The web space we're invading!
Just some sites that Idealogy people are visiting that tick their boxes.

Chris Ruffles - Senior Designer
Not strictly a website, but an app that pulls user defined content from around the web including social feeds – creating an on-the-go, personalised magazine/website.
I love the BBC for keeping up-to-date with events in the world.
I love the branding work of Johnson Banks and there is always something on the Thought for the Week page that is interesting and engaging.

Posted by Chris Ruffles