Thursday, 12 June 2014

The funny thing bout writing...

Before this piece gets too far beyond the first sentence, I need to point out that I’m not talking about writing jokes. I’m talking about the long held belief that I inject humour into all of my blog writing. Except no one notices. Until I point it out! And, like all good humour, if you have to alert people to the funny side it probably wasn’t funny in the first place.

So what is so difficult about writing with humour? Well, study the topic and it’s all about structure, incongruity and – well, that other funny word!

It’s about misdirection and illogicality and sometimes the risqué (should you be brave enough to not worry if you upset someone - and there aren’t many of us who think like that…)

And now that I’ve started to put keyboard to paper, it strikes me how incredibly difficult it is to try to explain my desire to make people smile when I write. I have a fairly normal disposition, but I have no desire to become a stand-up comic. So why do I need people to smile at my prose? I have no clue!

Maybe it’s because ‘a smile is the same in any language’ – it can never get lost in translation.

Maybe it’s because ‘laughter is the shortest distance between 2 people’ (Victor Borge said that!).

Maybe it’s just a primal desire to be liked? Who knows, but it’s a rare skill, not often evident her in these lines. But I do know a funny thing when I see it…

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