Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Simple SkinTrition™ - natural ingredients, great advice, fabulous skin, all within a vivid on-line experience.

Simple, the UK’s No.1 Facial Skincare brand, has over 50 years experience in caring for all skin types, even the most sensitive. Simple prides itself on using only the ingredients that your skin needs - and nothing that it doesn’t, so you can trust the natural goodness in all products. Simple skincare isn’t just about how you look on the outside, it’s about looking after the inside too, which is why the experts at Simple have developed Simple SkinTrition™.

As a key part of the Simple Brand team, Idealogy were asked to turn that vision into a natural on-line environment, extending simple.co.uk and incorporating a vivid, memorable and valuable web experience providing advice, nutrient knowledge, healthy eating recipes and games.

And, on the face of it, we did a great job…a more detailed blog will follow soon.

Posted by Idealogy

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Analog or digital? Left or right side of the brain? Town-y or country girl? Anna keeps us all on our toes...

How well do any of us really know Anna Ecuyer, Idealogy’s very own Bristolian?

The story so far - Anna joined us from a local PR and Design Agency, but prior to that, the greater part of her career was forged on the London Agency circuit. So, nothing the provinces could throw at her was going to be tougher than that experience.

When her husband Toby landed the key role as Creative Director at a leading super yacht, luxury motor and sailing yacht design consultancy, Anna didn’t think twice about changing to a life by the sea or, for that matter, committing herself to her career with an out-of-town consultancy – and that was where her (to date) 6 year relationship with Idealogy began, progressing from her initial role as Senior Designer, to Client Services Manager, through to her role today as Key Account Manager, handling the relationships and account services for many of Idealogy’s leading B2C Clients.

So what does she find so engaging about her work at Idealogy? Well, in her words, it was “the first time I really felt the ‘benefit’ of leaving London and the change of lifestyle.” And this highlights the most valuable characteristic about Anna’s approach to her work –achieving a sustainable work/life balance. She works fantastically hard, and is one of the most, if not the most, diligent worker in the business. But ask her and she’ll say, ‘I work like this because I value the time I get to spend by the sea, in the forest, with my boy, walking Polly (her beautiful Hungarian Vizsla, and now the Company dog), doing interior decorations, and, of course, gardening’.

So, actually, we do know an awful lot about Anna, and, by return, she knows an awful lot about her colleagues – which is another thing she finds intriguing, compelling and, lets say it, bizarre about Idelaogy. It feels like working alongside nutty uncles, older brothers and strange, twice removed cousins. So, it’s a dysfunctional yet highly individual family. But what she revels in is her own space, within her hectic working and social lifestyle, to watch good movies by the fireside, to try to read lots of books and to get back to her piano playing roots.

For those of us who think we know her, theres a lot of stuff we possibly don’t realise – and that’s a good thing; a constituent part of keeping a balance and keeping a distance. “Work is great, but life is so much better…”

Yep! She’s going to continue to keep us all guessing!

Posted by Simon Dover