Friday, 28 March 2014

The Vanity of Men

It has long been a contention of mine that men of all ages and persuasions are becoming worryingly absorbed with self-image, and the line between male and female vanity is now just a blur.

Friday, 21 March 2014

Alter-ego’s a-kimbo…

It’s always interesting when I find out that people I work with or see around, in places such as the gym, have hobbies that I don’t know about. For example, our Creative Director Simon Warren is a keen extreme sports junkie, and Liz, our Planning Manager likes nothing more than speeding off around the countryside on the back of a motorbike!

With this in mind, it’s rather strange when people are so surprised by one of my hobbies – being on stage! To me, it’s second nature; it’s nothing special, it’s just what I do and what I have always done.

I haven’t always been an Office Manager, in fact, for most of my adult life I’ve been working in anything but an office in Southampton.  So, lets give you some background…

After school I trained in Performing Arts and Intensive Musical Theatre at Chichester College of Arts, Science & Technology. I had big dreams and aspirations; my name was going to be in lights in the West End. Unfortunately, this was the dream of every other performing arts student in the country so getting there was going to be a rocky road.

When I graduated from college (with Distinctions may I add), my next step would have been to go on to Drama School – something I was advised not to do as it wouldn’t get me any further than I could already go on my own. It was advice I was glad I took.

It was then that I went to an audition for Holiday Park Entertainments Staff. I got the job and was packed off to Lower Hyde Holiday Park in Shanklin, Isle of Wight, where I spent the summer singing, dancing, doing kids club and loving life. Straight from my time on the Holiday Park, I was flown out to Tenerife where I joined the cast of a brand new Cabaret dining show called Raffles.

After Tenerife I came back to the UK. It was time to take a bit of a break from the stage so I went into retail, but it wasn’t long before the bug bit me and doors began to open again. It was time to go back to the Holiday Parks, but this time as Entertainments Manager. I had two years on the parks – one great, one not so great,(but we won’t dwell on that!) – before heading to the cruises as Lead Male Vocalist for Thomson. I did that for two years and then came home to audition for other stuff. However, as is with the case with all best laid plans, I found myself off-course once again, this time thanks to my heart, and decided to stay home.

You’re probably wondering why this is of any interest, and maybe I have digressed slightly…
so lets get back to hobbies!

So, last year, I found myself auditioning for Southampton Musical Society, an Amateur Dramatics Group who perform various musicals throughout the year at the Theatre Royal, Winchester. I got into the society and within two weeks had been cast in the lead role of their next production: Barry Manilow’s Copacabana.
It’s a show I’ve always wanted to do and a part I’ve always wanted to play so, naturally, I’m ecstatic!

We go up with the show in just 4 weeks. It’s been 6 months hard work but I’ve enjoyed every single minute of it. If you’d like to come and see the show you can get tickets here and why not check out our promo video too.

And next time you speak to one of us on the phone, just remember, we’ve all got an alter-ego ;)

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

What's in a name...?

Mention ‘The Oscars’ to anyone and immediately you conjure up images of glamour, sophistication, dramatic speeches and, of course, the iconic golden statue – all of that just from a name!

The whole world is talking about Sunday’s Academy Awards ceremony - the 86th in its illustrious career - whether it be because of the winners (and losers), Ellen DeGeneres, the selfies or the pizza delivery guy.

But there is something else that is on everyone’s lips; that cringeworthy moment when John Travolta announced the incredibly talented, Tony Award winning star of Musical theatre, Idina Menzel as she performed the Oscar winning song ‘Let it Go’ from Disney’s Frozen. Or, as he called her Adele Dazeem!

The internet has already jumped on this, seeing an opportunity to allow everyday people to Travoltify their name. This got us thinking; what would we all sound like Travoltified? Well, wonder no more:

Simon Dover         Szyman Dorniels
Charlotte Blake     Charlie Blork
Dan Ferrett            Dean Farster
Shelley Crouch      Sorley Cloirk
Dave Birch             Dean Blork
Darryl Akerman      Daryl Andreson
Paul Skinner          Paige Shunter
Richard Sprinks      Ruaraidh Speerce
Simon Warren        Szymon Wailson
James Surridge     Joss Sgardner
Liz Hellyer              Lois Heenry
Steve Barnes         Shae Borfes
Anna Ecuyer          Anya Bailerey
Paul Wright            Paige Wrizght

Idealogy LTD          Isabella Loing

If you’d like to find out what you name is ‘Travoltified’, click here to find out and why not let us know…

All images found on Google. No offense or copyright infringement intended. Images can be removed if requested by originator.