Thursday, 28 February 2013

When only The Best is good enough - Building World Class Practices for Idealogy

It seems strange to report that, after almost 25 years in business, Idealogy is only now embracing a Best Practice philosophy. So, in light of that revelation, it also seems fair to be asked questions like “Are we just slow?” or “Haven’t we found any we like yet?”

To be honest, the very mention of the words ‘Best Practice’ sends many SMEs diving for cover.  So many of the processes that smaller organisations employ are so intimate and so cultural it’s hard to change direction and attitudes.

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Pearltrees: More Than Just “A Nice Idea”?

“Interest Cultivation” has caught our attention, but does Pearltrees have any practical value?

Pearltrees picks up where your “regular” or “favourite” Internet task bar leaves off. All your key sites are stored on the App as “Pearls”, from which any additional links can…ahem…branch out. It all seems like such a good idea on paper, but does our enthusiasm for Pearltrees extend beyond a cursory nod? We’ve taken a look from three perspectives, so the numbers can speak for themselves…

Monday, 4 February 2013

Productivity App of the month

Productivity can become even more of a must-have in the early months, as managers try to make up for any lost time brought on by the festive season. So what tools out there can help this cause?

January: Write Or Die

What’s the big idea?
Let’s imagine you’ve got a pitch to write. Or a report. Maybe some copy? Your word count is set, but you’d rather Tweet than reduce your to-do list by 140 characters. Write Or Die makes the choice for you - the longer you leave your work unchanged, more and more words disappear!