Thursday, 19 July 2012

This is not just gum removal. This is reputation enhancement

It’s said that the chewing gum scourge is arguably the last public problem on the streets, and that you can only occupy two positions in the debate - you’ve either got the problem or you’re trying to get rid of it.

GumPak is making gum removal more accessible by creating the power to keep environments, and brand reputations, clear of this blight. And by putting that power in the hands of those who care for the quality of the spaces they inhabit.
Idealogy has been helping the GumPak team to redefine their market approach with a BrandPrint discovery workshop session that highlighted some important and fundamental messaging.

Taking responsibility for gum removal

A revolutionary new British invention, GumPak tackles the chewing gum problem head on. In a recent survey, Keep Britain Tidy found flattened gum and staining in 50% of public areas. The average clean up of gum from a town centre can cost £20,000 and this has to be carried out a number of times each year.

Chewing gum is highly resistant to chemicals and doesn’t easily degrade. Its stickiness means normal cleaning methods - street sweeping and litter-picking - don’t work. More extreme methods like jet washing and steam cleaning have been used to remove it in the past, but these methods are costly, disruptive and can damage pavements.

The GumPak solution removes gum quickly, uses less water, is far less disruptive than many other techniques and requires fewer resources.

And, in this hugely visible year for the UK, its impact has been recognised by some of the country’s most influential and visible organisations. Phil Barton, chief executive of Keep Britain Tidy, said: “We are proud to support GumPak in their battle to remove chewing gum from our streets. Their ambitions of tackling the problem through leadership, partnerships and building personal responsibility are shared by Keep Britain Tidy and are key principles in our Love Where You Live campaign.

“We are delighted that GumPak are supporting Keep Britain Tidy and our Love Where You Live campaign, and we will continue to work together to create gum-free towns.”

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